About FM Learn

FM Learn is a skilling platform that takes an innovative approach to help working professionals learn new skills and get familiar with technologies that are becoming an important part of their jobs today.

Jobs have changed drastically over the last few years and will continue to do so. While technology and automation are rapidly changing the markets, workers in Retail, eCommerce, Logistics, Hospitality, Facilities, etc. must get more training to preserve their employability and improve their earning potential.

To address this growing need, we at Firstmeridian have developed FM Learn, a mobile-enabled online learning platform that promotes continuous learning as a work culture, especially for the frontline workforce. Available at an affordable subscription model, FM Learn empowers its learners with impactful training materials to help achieve their professional goals and promote career growth, while also enabling employers to build a highly productive workforce.

About Us – FirstMeridian

FirstMeridian is an HR platform formed by world-renowned investors Samara Capital, Goldman Sachs and Janchor Partners, with the objective to build a premier HR platform that offers end-to-end Human Resources solutions.

Headquartered in Bangalore, we provide work to more than 90,000 individuals on a daily basis, who serve 450 customers across 1100+ locations through our branch network. Our customers span across industry sectors, including BFSI, E-Commerce, Telecom, IT, Consumer Durables & Electricals, Logistics, Manufacturing, Entertainment and more.

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